Say hello to Darling If you are looking for for an easy to use and clean looking bot for your Discord server, look no further! Darling is an advanced moderation bot that features slash commands and buttons!

Some of my features

About Darling

Darling is a Discord Moderation bot with many commands that will allow you to have full control of your server! You can mute people who are spamming kick people who are being disrespectful and ban people that don't follow the rules. You can fully customize the ban and mute durations and even provide a reason that will be sent to the user before they are punished! What are you waiting for?


Darling will be able to help you punish people who are misbehaving. You can mute them for a period of time or just ban them outright. Darling uses slash commands which will allow you to easily and effortlessly punish users.


You can view members custom profiles that correspond to that server and view their previous punishments. The longer you stay in a server the higher your tier will be.

Verification (Coming soon)

You can make sure your members are not bots with our verification system. Set a channel and a role to be given with /setup and you can be assured that no unwanted bots will join.

STR Tracker

View current Strength and value amounts on OP factions with /top. Values update every 2 hours. Courtesy of ECPE Network.